MediQuest Technologies

MediQuest Customer Service Reps are professionals who have many years experience using AEDs and determining the best AED unit and service program for you and your organization.

If you are looking for best price, easiest to use, longest life AED, lowest cost of ownership, public access or corporate placement, contact us first. We can recommend the best AED for your situation.

Contact Us First – Before Deciding on an AED

Site assessments are provided for all of our customers – ensuring that the quickest response occurs when an AED is needed.

We track every AED we sell and provide email reminders when components need replacing or software needs updating. In major urban centres across Canada we even provide on-site service.

MediQuest is licensed by Health Canada and we provide AED program liability coverage to our customers under the guidance of our National Medical Director, Dr, Edward Wasser.

MediQuest only recommends AEDs that have gone through our rigorous testing program, assuring our customers that their AED is of the highest quality and will be ready-to-rescue when needed.

MediQuest supports the following worthwhile organizations by donating a portion of our revenue.

BC Children's Hospital
Special Olympics
BC Search and Rescue Association