MediQuest Technologies

MediQuest is dedicated to providing comprehensive life saving solutions to Canadians. Our focus is on using the latest technology to improve survival and recovery from life threatening medical events, and in particular sudden cardiac arrest. Since 2001 MediQuest has used all of its resources to equip, train, and service people in support of life saving Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Programs.

MediQuest is a licensed Health Canada supplier (MDEL-2452) and have worked with all the manufacturers of AEDs currently available.  Our experience supporting each brand of AED has led to recommending Defibtech AEDs for their superior usability, upgradability, and durability.

Our equipment registry and tracking ensures our customers have fully functional AEDs at all times.  We provide advance notification of expiring electrodes, as well as tracking key AED component information.

MediQuest facilitates Defibtech warranty replacements directly throughout Canada to further support our customers and products.  The Defibtech design philosophy puts an emphasis on simple, reliable, easy-to-use life saving technology.

We are a proud supporter of the Cardiology program at BC Children’s Hospital, donating a portion of annual sales for research and development.