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Defibtech Lifeline ARM

Lifeline ARM Brochure PDF

Download the Lifeline ARM Brochure PDF.

The Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression (ACC) for professionals is a hands-free CPR device which is quick and easy to deploy and use. When high-impact CPR is needed the ARM delivers. When moving a patient through a difficult route or just maintaining CPR at the scene or during transport, the ARM provides consistent life-saving CPR.

The lightweight and compact ARM system frees up responders to be able to provide other medical procedures, while providing event capture and accurate CPR with or without rescue-breaths.

Lifeline ARM Key Features

  • Precise CPR
    Lifeline ARM delivers precise CPR compressions with complete chest recoil, at the depth and rate recommended in CPR guidelines.
  • Portable, compact and modular
    Removable compression module makes the ARM easier to use and service.
  • One-size fits most
    Accommodates a wide-range of adult patient sizes.
  • Reliable
    Long battery life and operating time.
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