Defibtech Lifeline ARM CPR Machine Video Demo

Watch this Defibtech Lifeline ARM CPR machine video demonstration. ARM automates CPR, ensuring the correct depth and rate, freeing up rescuers to provide other medical care to the patient on scene.

Defibtech Lifeline ARM CPR machine video demonstration. ARM performs CPR allowing rescuers to provide other care.

Defibtech Lifeline ARM

The Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression (ACC) for professionals is a hands-free CPR device which is quick and easy to deploy and use. When high-impact CPR is needed the ARM delivers. When moving a patient through a difficult route or just maintaining CPR at the scene or during transport, the ARM provides consistent life-saving CPR.

The lightweight and compact ARM system frees up responders to be able to provide other medical procedures, while providing event capture and accurate CPR with or without rescue-breaths.

Mechanical CPR can be set up in 2 steps: 1) adjust compression piston height; 2) select one of two protocols (chest compression only, or chest compression with rescue breaths).

Key Features

  • Precise CPR
    Lifeline ARM delivers precise CPR compressions with complete chest recoil, at the depth and rate recommended in CPR guidelines.
  • Portable, compact, modular
    Removable compression module makes the ARM easier to use and service.
  • One-size fits most
    Accommodates a wide-range of adult patient sizes.
  • Reliable
  • Long battery life and operating time
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