AED & CPR Training

MediQuest provides CPR and AED Training to lay responders and highly trained emergency medical responders. Our professional Trainers have real-life Emergency Medical Response experience.

AED & CPR Training

CPR and AED Courses

MediQuest in-house and contract instructors deliver CPR and AED training across Canada in compliance with both Federal and Provincial requirements. When responding to a medical emergency that requires the use of an AED, it only makes sense to have the emergency responders trained to use the specific make and model of AED they are using. That’s why MediQuest maintains a full range of makes and models of all kinds of training AEDs. Our training manikins also have the latest feedback mechanisms built in to ensure high quality CPR is being performed.

Standards-Based Training from Professionals

CPR and AED courses taught by MediQuest instructors meet the Standards of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada and Canadian Red Cross. Because of their real-life experience in responding to Medical Emergencies, our instructors are able to provide their students with a high level of confidence in their ability to respond effectively.

CPR and AED courses provided by MediQuest include:

  • AED Orientation – Intended for people already trained in CPR and designed in a 1 to 2 hour format to provide specific AED make and model use and maintenance, a review of Emergency Medical response procedures and CPR.
  • CPR and AED for lay responders – Intended for the general public or workers who may have to deal with a medial emergency. 3 to 4 hours of training on basic CPR (hands-only) for adults, children and infants, dealing with choking, and including use of an AED.
  • CPR and AED for Health Care Professionals – Intended for designated and qualified responders. 4 to 6 hours covering Health Care Provider CPR and AED use on adults, children and infants.
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