Read the following AED information pages for answers to frequently asked questions about automated external defibrillators. Almost anyone, even minimally trained bystanders, can rescue someone in cardiac arrest by using an AED.

What is an AED?

What is an AED?

An automated external defibrillator is a medical device used to restore a normal heart rhythm in someone suffering a cardiac event by sending an electrical shock to the heart. While all AEDs are defibrillators, not all defibrillators are AEDs. Automated external defibrillators are portable and simple to use by design. Most AEDs have only a few buttons to operate the device.

Can Anyone Use an AED?

Can Anyone Use an AED?

Anyone who is able to follow simple instructions can use an AED. Automated verbal instructions are provided by the device, guiding a rescuer through each step. Some devices supplement this spoken instruction with video. While even untrained bystanders can use an AED, training is recommended to increase confidence and overcome any fears about using the medical device. Many provinces in Canada have enacted legislation that protects AED users from liability when the AED is employed to save a life. MediQuest offers CPR and AED courses.

Do You Need Training to Use an AED?

Do You Need Training to Use an AED?

Anyone who could be in a situation where they may have to intervene to save a life, should have AED and CPR training. CPR courses taught across Canada are required to provide basic AED use training in conjunction with CPR training. All workplace First Aid Attendants are required to take first aid certification courses (which include AED training). While many certification courses have a minimum age requirement, MediQuest has trained children as young as 10 how to perform CPR and use an AED.

How Do You Use an AED?

How to Use an AED

Most automated external defibrillators require just a few steps to intervene with the device when a person is suffering a cardiac arrest. The AED is turned on, electrode pads are placed on the patient’s chest, and the device automatically detects the heart rhythm, telling the rescuer whether to perform CPR and/or deliver a shock. All AEDs provide voice guidance and some AEDs offer additional guidance in video or high resolution graphical displays. All automated external defibrillators sold by MediQuest come with ‘quick start’ AED information cards that illustrate, in the simplest terms and with graphics, how to use the device.

The MediQuest AED Program

Everything your business or organization needs to start using an AED safely and effectively.

Setup, Training, Maintenance, Medical Oversight

While you can buy and learn to use an AED, the MediQuest AED Program helps organizations implement an AED program created especially for their needs.

  • Site assessment to determine ideal AED placement.
  • Medical oversight.
  • Training.
  • E-minder notification of service and training.
  • Written procedures.
  • AED inspection, service, and maintenance.
  • Post-use review of event data and consultation.

Find out more about the program or contact us for a consultation.

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