AED Services & Maintenance

MediQuest strives to be “best in class” when it comes to AED Service. We provide AED sales and service to both individual AED owners and some of the largest corporations in North America.

AED Service and Maintenance

AED Use & Maintenance

All AEDs should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure their readiness to respond to a medical emergency. Likewise, staff and responders need to know that an AED is in a fixed location and accessible for immediate use. Options to keep your AED in a fixed location are tailored to the situation where the AED will be placed. As part of our delivery Standard we always provide, at a minimum, a wall mount bracket so the AED can be in a fixed location, and hopefully somewhere visible. For public access placement we recommend placing the AED in an alarmed wall cabinet. Placing your AED in a visible location makes it simple to monitor the status indicator light on the front of the AED.

AED Support When You Need It

AED owners are able to perform regular visual inspections (checking the status indicator on the AED), but MediQuest Support Staff are able to provide essential testing service and support beyond the capability of most AED owners.

MediQuest also provides email reminders when our tracking system indicates the electrode pads or batteries will soon expire.

Proper signage can be very important in helping responders find an AED quickly when it is needed. MediQuest has several sign options to ensure responders can quickly access your AEDs.

MediQuest Service Technicians are available for on-site service as well as online and phone support. Our Comprehensive Tracking System allows us to monitor your AED(s) and all of their component items including:

  • AED make, model and serial number
  • Date of manufacture
  • Key contact information
  • AED location
  • Electrode pads quantity and expiry date – adult and pediatric
  • Software version
  • Main battery expiry
  • Test battery replacement date
  • Detailed data download, troubleshooting records
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