AED Program

MediQuest’s AED Program provides everything your organization needs to ensure the best, most cost-effective AED solution. Get expert guidance, setup, medical oversight, support and AED training in Canada.

AED Program

Tailored AED Programs & Training in Canada

An effective AED Program designed to ensure the best outcome when a cardiac emergency occurs requires numerous elements to be considered. Effective planning will not only ensure a positive outcome, but will also result in the most cost-effective solution for your employees and visitors. MediQuest can help your business or organization establish the most suitable AED program and AED training, tailored specifically for your needs.

What Does the Program Include?

The following items should be included in your AED Program planning:

  • Site Assessment to determine optimum AED placement for rapid emergency response
  • AED equipment selection including accessories and mounting options
  • AED Training to meet Canadian requirements – Provincial and Federal
  • Medical Oversight and Liability coverage
  • Long term planning for maintenance and service
  • Equipment tracking including key expiry dates and email notification
  • Choosing a supplier who will be able to provide ongoing support

AED Program Support

MediQuest’s expert staff are experienced and trained in all aspects of customer support. The following assistance is available to help complete each element needed to ensure an effective and economic AED life saving plan:

  • Providing on-site or remote assistance in completing a Site Assessment
  • Expert advice on the most appropriate equipment, accessories and mounting hardware for your site
  • Providing guidance on complying with both Provincial and Federal requirements for your AED Program and AED specific Training
  • MediQuest procedures are overseen and approved by our National Medical Director for quality assurance and compliance with Medical Standards
  • Written procedures and Inspection Forms are provide to customers where needed
  • “AED Equipped” signage for windows and doors and hallways
  • MediQuest’s proprietary Tracking System meets Health Canada requirements and tracks all aspects of your AED Program, including key component expiry dates, inspection and training records, and provides direct email notifications to your key responders
  • Online and phone support by staff who are knowledgeable and experienced
  • Extended product troubleshooting and replacement warranty
  • After use support including data retrieval from your AED, forwarding data to the patient’s Medical Team, and replenishing used items
  • Maintaining data securely for future/legal purposes
Contact MediQuest today to find out how we can help you establish a life-saving AED Program.
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