Do CPR Feedback Devices in AEDs Reduce the Survival Rate from Cardiac Arrest?

We know that for every minute after a person’s heart stops from cardiac arrest there is a 10 percent drop in the survival rate, but did you know that AEDs used in conjunction with CPR feedback devices may further reduce survival rates, because CPR must be stopped to place the CPR feedback pads? The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has recommended that AEDs are put in place to ensure that a life-saving shock can be administered within three minutes of a person’s heart stopping.  When this 3 minute drop-to-shock time is achieved, greater than 70% of patients survive.  Prior to the introduction of AEDs in public and work places, the survival rate was less than 5%. (more…)

AED Maintenance Requirements: The Importance of Having Your AED Serviced Regularly

Defibtech Lifeline: easy AED maintenance requirementsHaving an AED at your business or other facility is rapidly becoming the norm, but do you understand AED maintenance requirements? For many people this means hanging the AED on a wall after purchase and forgetting about it until it starts beeping, or lights start flashing a warning that something isn’t right with the AED.  But grabbing the AED in a life-threatening situation and finding that it doesn’t work can have devastating consequences. (more…)

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