Schiller FRED Easyport AED Video Demo

Watch the Schiller FRED Easyport demo video. FRED is the world’s smallest AED. This highly portable mini defibrillator has all the expected functionality and requirements of an AED.

Schiller FRED Easy Port demo. FRED is the world’s smallest AED, though it meets all requirements of an AED.

Schiller FRED Easyport

The world’s smallest AED – fits in a pocket! This is perfect for mobile first responders on foot, bike or Segway, or for an executive go-kit. Manual option available.

Though this mini defibrillator is small, it meets all of the requirements of an AED. Because it’s immensely portable, FRED Easyport dramatically reduces rescue response time, allowing nearly immediate emergency medical intervention, giving the patient a better chance of survival.

FRED Easyport incorporates advanced MULTIPULSE BIOWAVE® technology that reduces myocardium damage and increases the chances of survival. Small, lightweight and portable, the FRED Easyport is a great choice of external defibrillator for doctors, paramedics, and others public service staff, high-risk patients and their family members who have been trained in early defibrillation.

Key Features

  • Smallest AED
    13.3 cm L x 12.6 cm W x 3.5 cm H (5.2″ x 4.96″ x 1.38″) and only 490 grams (1.1 lb).
  • On-screen guidance
    High resolution LCD screen displays easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.
  • Manual mode
    Advanced responders can override system presets to decide energy level and shock delivery.
  • Adult and pediatric modes
    Configurable adult and pediatric energy settings. Auto switches to pediatric mode when pediatric electrodes are attached.
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