Occupational First Aid Training

An Occupational First Aid course is a must-have for workplace health and safety programs. MediQuest’s professional Medical Responders teach WorkSafe BC OFA Level 1, 2, and 3 certification courses.

Occupational First Aid

Occupational First Aid Courses in BC

MediQuest’s team of OFA teachers are experienced Professional Responders and Instructors. We can provide OFA level 1, 2 or 3 for groups of people, on-site.  WorkSafe BC first aid courses are available throughout British Columbia. We strive to make the training relevant to your particular work environment.

OFA Level 1 Course

Occupational First Aid Level 1 is an 8 hour course which leads to a 3-year certification. This WorkSafe BC course is the basic first aid course required in British Columbia workplaces. The course teaches response to emergency medical situations, treatment of minor workplace injuries and complying with WorkSafe reporting requirements. This on-site training is provided for groups of up to 18 people in a class.

Where required MediQuest can provide Red Cross Emergency First Aid (EFA), which is a recognized equivalent to OFA Level 1. Red Cross Emergency First Aid is recognized across Canada and can be provided for our customers across the country.

OFA Level 2 & 3 Course

OFA Level 2 and 3 provides advanced level training for workplaces with larger numbers of employees and workplaces with a higher risk of injury. OFA Level 2 is a 36 hour training course and OFA Level 3 is a 70 hour training program. Successful completion of either of these training courses results in a 3-year certification.

Occupational First Aid Training by Professionals

In all of the Emergency Training MediQuest provides, we strive to make the training relevant to your workplace, including using the same type of emergency response equipment in your workplace. This includes training on the specific make and model of AED in your workplace.

All first aid training provided by MediQuest has been reviewed by our Medical Director and qualifies for our AED Liability coverage.

Let MediQuest help you build a team of trained first responders at your facility.
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